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Healthy California Farms Combat Climate Change

By Renee Pinel You don’t need to tell farmers about the whims of Mother Nature.  They face it every day, and climate ...

OTHER VOICES: The facts about pesticide safety.

Recently, I have read several articles in The Californian in which people are expressing their desire to know the “facts” and “science” ...

Loss of California Farmland Threatens Climate

California farmers don’t need a lecture on climate change – for several years they have confronted the challenges of growing their crops ...

Time to Break Stereotypes of California Farmers

Among the many lessons learned from the trials and tribulations of 2020, it has been our ability to change and adapt that ...

Thanksgiving is a Time for Urban Residents to Connect with Their Food and Those Who Grow It

 A quiet trend we’ve seen over time has been the migration of Americans to urban areas, which have seen a 12 percent ...

Amid pandemic, California farms reflect society’s most basic needs, values

This guest column in the Ventura County Star makes an excellent point – that California farmers are among the most innovative and ...


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