Healthy Plants



The estimated loss of all fruits and vegetables in the ground without any crop protection.


Food crops must compete with:

30,000 species of weeds
3,000 species of worms
10,000 species of plant-eating insects


Nutrients can strengthen a plant's resistance to disease

and enable them to hold water and resist drought.

Sustaining our food supply

Mother Nature is not always kind to the plants and trees that feed us. Harmful insects can devour crops. Diseases can wipe out fruits, nuts and vegetables – leaving fields barren and our grocery store shelves empty.


Throughout history, this reality has led to mass starvation and untold deaths around the world. But we now are fortunate to live in a world with highly developed ways to enhance and protect our food supply.


WPH member companies are central to that success.


We provide fertilizers to give young plants a healthy start and to support their health through harvest.


And, throughout the growing cycle, we provide a wide array of crop protection tools – chemical and organic – that are responsibly applied to protect our food supply and communities. We also support an  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach whenever possible.


In doing so, WPH is not only ensuring the survival of our society, but the opportunity for millions of people to lead healthy and productive lives powered by nutritious fruits, nuts and vegetables. We also are essential to cotton and other natural fibers used in clothing and textiles.


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