About Us

Western Plant Health is the premier industry trade association representing more than 90 percent of all the fertilizer and crop protection companies in California, Arizona and Hawaii.

Our members include biotechnology firms, manufacturers, distributors and retailers of the world’s highest quality plant nutrients, soil amendments, minerals and crop protection products for farmers and commercial nurseries.



WPH promotes:
• A healthy business environment
• Environmental stewardship
• Agronomic best practices
• Meaningful public policies
• Consumer education



• Safety
• Sound science
• Transparency
• Honesty
• Respect



A sustainable future that harmonizes the needs of plants, people and the planet.


Communications Programs

WPH bridges the knowledge gap between urban and rural communities in the West to promote a better understanding of how food is grown and agriculture’s value to the environment, economy and everyday life.

Member & Industry Relations

Through close affiliation with allied organizations, WPHA monitors and directs agricultural and urban issues involving the plant health industry. On a regular basis, WPHA interacts with organizations and entities ranging from local governments to other agricultural associations, coalitions and state regulatory agencies. Each year these relationships provide WPHA and member companies countless opportunities for collaboration, education and communication.



While WPHA is actively engaged at the local and state levels in legislative and regulations matters, our association also works closely with the following organizations based in Washington, D.C.:

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