Science Waits for No One

California may have the strictest laws and most comprehensive environmental policies in the nation, but our member companies realize that we can’t sit on our accomplishments of today. We must work on tomorrow while providing California growers with the latest, most environmentally sound pest management tools available. 

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has acknowledged that the pest management tools in their registration queue are more sustainable, so registering them on a timely basis will help farmers achieve the more sustainable agricultural environment that California wishes to encourage. 

So, let’s get them registered. 

Some of these products have been under review for years now. California can do two things at the same time.  We can streamline and expedite product registrations and maintain the safest registration system in the country.

By doing both California can continue to lead the nation in safe, inexpensive foods while protecting the environment and communities.

Little girl with vegetable plants farming and gardening concept.


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