Healthy People


100,000 farmers and 300,000 farm workers

are trained each year on pesticide safety and integrated pest management.


Farm workers live
and have lower incidences of cancer than non-farmers.


10 Years

is the amount of time it can take for a pesticide to be approved and used in California.

Protecting our workers and communities

The protection of farmers, farm workers and nearby communities is integral to sustaining the lifeblood of our societies, and is a top priority for WPH member companies.


That’s why our products are rigorously tested, scientifically scrutinized and strictly regulated.

  • WPH promotes worker training to ensure the safe and responsible use of fertilizer and pesticide products.
  • We educate children about the importance of farming by sponsoring school gardens in urban elementary schools.
  • We advocate for the elimination of food deserts that do not provide vulnerable, urban communities with access to fresh produce.

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