California’s Tech-Savvy Farmers are Building More Sustainable Agriculture Through Innovation

The art of farming may be thousands of years old, but California farmers are hardly traditional as they continue to embrace the latest technological innovations to make their operations more sustainable through precision agriculture.  

Sophisticated development and application of fertilizers and seed treatments protect surface and groundwaters. Today’s tech-savvy and data-driven farmers use drones, wireless sensors, and tractors with satellites to track soil moisture, monitor crop health, and pinpoint the need for pest mitigation. Farmers are using real-time data to target pesticide and fertilizer use to protect workers, reduce pesticide use, and prevent potential environmental impacts.

California is at the forefront of this modernized farming – technology and data that result in increasingly sustainable ways to grow the nourishing food we enjoy. The results are safer and more efficient farming methods that benefit everyone – workers, local communities, consumers, and the environment.

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