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Who We Are

The Western Plant Health Association (WPHA) represents the interests of fertilizer and crop protection manufacturers, biotechnology providers, distributors and agricultural retailers in California, Arizona and Hawaii. WPHA members comprise more than 90 percent of all the companies marketing plant nutrients, soil amendments, agricultural minerals and crop protection products in California, Arizona and Hawaii.

Our Purpose
WPHA and member companies promote the environmentally sound use and handling of plant health products and services for the production of safe and high quality food, fiber and horticultural products.

Our Focus
The main goals of WPHA are to:

  • Promote a positive business environment for our members
  • Promote Environmental Stewardship and Sound Agronomic Practice
  • Effectively Communicate Industry Issues
  • Engage in Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
  • Facilitate Member and Industry Relations

Environmental Stewardship
On the leading edge of fertilizer and crop protection product stewardship, WPHA members are dedicated to the proper use, handling, transportation and disposal of all plant health products. Furthermore, members of WPHA support a variety of educational and research programs to ensure that all fertilizer and crop protection products are used in an environmentally sound manner. WPHA-supported stewardship programs include:

California Department of Food and Agriculture:
Fertilizer Research and Education Program

Coalition for Urban/Rural Environmental Stewardship (CURES)

Anhydrous Ammonia Transportation Safety Program

Worker Protection and Education

While agriculture is a leading industry in California, Arizona and Hawaii, increased urbanization has wrought a disconnect between the food on dinner tables and the fields in which that food is grown. To help bridge this knowledge gap, WPHA members actively engage in a variety of communication programs to increase awareness and understanding of the critical roles that the fertilizer and crop protection industries play in the environment, economy and everyday life. Educational activities include:

Training & Informational Seminars

Public Speaking Engagements

Media Relations

Social Media Engagement & Educational Videos

California Fertilizer Foundation School Garden Grant Program

Member & Industry Relations
Through close affiliation with allied organizations, WPHA monitors and directs agricultural and urban issues involving the plant health industry. On a regular basis, WPHA interacts with organizations and entities ranging from local governments to other agricultural associations, coalitions and state regulatory agencies. Each year these relationships provide WPHA and member companies countless opportunities for collaboration, education and communication.

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs
WPHA is actively engaged at the local, state and national levels in advocating accurate, scientific-based information to legislators and regulators. Through the WPHA grass-roots program, members have the opportunity to speak directly with lawmakers and provide a firsthand account of the industry's commitment to environmentally sound practices. Throughout the year, WPHA sponsors a number of seminars, workshops and conferences to help educate members and non-members on environmental, safety and other timely issues. While WPHA primarily focuses on state and regional issues, we also work closely with the following organizations based in Washington, D.C.:

The Fertilizer Institute

CropLife America

Agricultural Retailers Association

2017 WPHA Board of Directors






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